Jennifer T.

Hi Lovey (and morning crew at PYX),

We had our massage and dinner on Monday evening and I must say it was WONDERFUL!!! Sarah was a pleasure to work with, very accommodating, responsive and professional! She arrived on Monday with massage therapist Stacy Brown and the personal chef Cindy Shaw, and the three of them got right to work with setting up their massage tables/dinner stuff. The massages were incredible. Sarah massaged me and I must say, she ranks among the best I’ve ever had! She used some techniques that I’ve never experienced and enjoyed it immensely. My husband enjoyed his very first massage and said he thoroughly enjoyed it. During the massage, we were able to take in the delicious aromas of the dinner preparations which made us more than ready to eat when the massages were done. As soon as the massages were done, they packed up, we got dressed and sat down for a lovely prepared meal complete with Caesar salad, a balsamic chicken with tomato and mushroom main course with delicious sour cream mashed potatoes and green beans with a lemon tomato marinade, a hearty chunk of ciabatta bread, finished off by an absolutely delectable chocolate mousse. It was delicious!

I want to say thank you so much to PYX and to Sarah and her crew for an absolutely wonderful and relaxing date for my husband and I at home. I would recommend this package to anyone for an anniversary present, birthday, an engagement, Mother’s/Father’s day, any other special occasion, or just because! Thank you so much again!